You have booked an assessment ...

We are looking forward to working with you/your child. Please find below the details of the assessment along with the Clinic terms and conditions.





A) Basic Speech/Language Assessment with report

Up to 45 minutes


B) Standard Speech/Language Assessment with report

Up to 90 minutes


C) Long Speech & Language Assessment with report

Up to 135 minutes


We will endeavour to complete the assessment(s) within the allotted time, however if an additonal session is required, this will be charged at $193.99 per additional session. 


Our clinicians are dedicated, capable, experienced, knowledgeable and in high demand. It is not uncommon for clinicians to be booked well in advance for assessment and therapy sessions.

To ensure appointments aren’t missed, we send reminder text messages to parents 48 hours before an assessment is scheduled.

Please note, a late cancellation fee of $193.99 may apply for:

  • Non-attendance without notice

  • Cancellation within 48 hours of the appointment and we are unable to book another client

  • Repeated cancellations and we are unable to book another client

*Please note, rebates are not applicable for cancellation fees.

Late Attendance

Please plan to arrive 15 minutes early. Our assessment timeslots are structured to ensure consistent and reliable results. Late attendance may require an additional booking to complete the assessment and additional assessment fees may be charged.


We require payment on the day of the appointment. Assessment fees are apportioned over multiple sessions as needed. We do not release reports until payment is received in full and the client account is settled.

Assessment Sessions

A typical assessment session is booked in 50 minute timeslots. The face-to-face portion of the assessment may be a maximum of 45 minutes per session.

Forms and Previous Reports

Please ensure that all our forms are submitted prior to the assessment day, this includes any previous reports and letters. This will ensure that you receive the most out of our assessment sessions. 

Please upload any previous reports you may have that may be pertinent at the end of this form. 

Once again, we look forward to working with you and do please let us know if you have any questions or concerns regarding services we offer.


Please note that by signing this document, you have read, understood and agree to the above conditions, and as the authorised person, agree to the provision of services by SASHC.

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